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This is what made the Cachaça Werneck one of the best artisanal cachaças of Brazil. ECX Cachaças Artesanais Ltda hired as consultant an agronomist from Minas Gerais who was Doctor (PhD) with thesis on "quality of sugar cane." He chose the ideal area for the planting in the property, made the analysis of soil and the proper fix. After that, the agronimist specified the ideal type of cane for the climate and soil conditions and suitable for the production of cachaça. It is an "early" type sugarcane, with excellent levels of saccharose and high resistance to diseazes. Therefore, it was never necessary to use any pesticides or chemicals for its protection.

The sugar cane plantation weeding and cutting are entirely done by men with hoes and knives. There are no burning or mechanized systems in any hypethesis. The vinasse (residue from the production process) is used for fertilization and irrigation of sugarcane.

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