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The quality of cachaça is perceived in the tasting. To evaluate a cachaça, start looking at the bottle. It should be preferably made of glass, colorless and totally transparent. Examine the bottle against the light. The Cachaça should be completely transparent, without waste or dust in suspension or deposited in the bottom and it should be colorless, slightly yellow or slightly pink (depending on the type of wood it was stored in). Be suspicious if the cachaça is too dark.

Shake the bottle and check the formation of bubbles. A good Cachaça should form for a short time a necklace of bubbles or a rosary.

Spill a little bit of Cachaça into a glass. The more appropriate type of glass is the one with the bottom diameter smaller than the diameter of the middle section, to retain the vapors. Shake gently the glass to get the Cachaça very close to the edge of the glass. Note the oily layer that is formed on the inner wall of the glass and how it drops (slowly is better).

Breathe the vapors of cachaça. Should be more fruity. The sweetened and alcohol flavors should not stand out. The acid aroma should be very discreet. There shall be no strange flavors.

Put a sip of Cachaça in your mouth and let it spread on the whole tongue and cheeks. In each part there is a different sensation. The tip of the tongue perceives a sweet taste that must be smooth and fruity if cachaça has good quality. On the side of the tongue you’ll find the acidity, which should be low. In the back of the tongue, near the throat, there is a slightly bitter taste. In the central part of the tongue you feel sensations of heat or coolness.

When you place a shot of Cachaça in your mouth and you feel like swallowing, it indicates salivation positive and good for the body. If on the contrary, there is a desire to spit, indicates a negative salivation and poor product quality. The Cachaça should flow through the mouth and throat smoothly and gently without burning.

The Cachaça should be drunk in small sips, in natural temperature and pure, like a good cognac. It can also be drunk very cold as vodka or with ice as whiskey. It is recommended to have a separate glass of mineral water to drink between drinks. A good cachaça can enrich caipirinhas, drinks, and several cocktails and can be used in cooking recipes. .

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