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The Cachaça is the Brazilian national distilled beverage.

It is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice and has centuries of history in Brazil. But despite the long history, only a few decades that government, educational institutions and research and regulatory agencies began to develop quality standards to highlight the products with excellence. To be entitled Cachaça , the spirit must have an alcohol content between 38% and 48% in volume, without added sugar or essences, with maximum acetic acid up to 0.15 g/100 ml and other parameters. Thus, many drinks that were formerly called cachaça lost the right to that name and are generally called spirits of cane or sugar cane spirit sweetened or many other names.

The Cachaça can be produced by 2 basic processes: Industrial production and artisanal produced. Industrial production is for high volume and non stop production. Generally they are of constant and average quality. The artisanal production applies to lower volumes and production in alembic.

It is in the artisanal production that the best cachaça is produced. Despite the name, artisanal production involves much technology. A good cachaça master today is comparable to a good gastronomic chef and believes his Cachaça is a masterpiece.

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